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Monday, August 3, 2009

My Meaning of Marriage

In today’s society do people really know the true meaning of marriage? Everyone has their own ideas. To me marriage is highly just a social status and not a union of two people. Marriage is too publicized anymore. Look at all these people with money and having to have a prenuptial just to ensure their financial status. What happened to love and trust?
When me and my husband were first engaged I was so excited about getting married. The wedding, the honeymoon and the new last name. My expectations of married life were a fairytale. Then after the honeymoon reality sat in. Don’t get me wrong I have no regrets, my expectations were like everyone else’s. I have been married for three years. Most married couples will tell you that the first year is the hardest and they are correct. Being married taught me a lot about myself and about my husband that I didn’t know. I will say it has been a learning experience.
The next challenge we faced as a married couple was becoming a family. When we found out we were pregnant we were ecstatic. It was scary to because we were newlyweds and they say having children can either help or hinder your relationship Early on.

I wouldn’t trade her for the world of course she is is pride and joy. In the first few months of being new parents was a struggle. Because making decisions and agreeing on everything as a parent was a new challenge. After getting the hang of becoming new parents has brought us even closer together than we have been.
After everything we have been through in the last three years has made us stronger and brought us so much closer. It’s taught us more about who we are as couple and most important as friends. Another challenge has been financial issues. We both handle money and responsibility very differently. We have learned to compromise and work together. We usually know what each other is thinking and feeling and that helps. Especially knowing each other so well we can work through are arguments. Marriage isn’t all fun and games if you want it you really have to work to keep things going strong.
In redefining marriage everyone has their own definition or opinion of what it is. First and foremost you have a great friendship, before you can become lovers. Secondly you must have an open mind and heart for your partner’s thoughts. You also have to consider there feelings along with their opinions even if you don’t agree. Third on the list the most important of them all is communication. Without having good communication between the two of you your relationship won’t do well. You need to be open up about anything and everything that goes on between the two of you. Life is short I have learned and I enjoy being married most of time. One more thing you can’t forget is love. So marriage to me is two people discovering who each other are, and growing old together.

Written By
Kimberly Laten in 2007

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