My Family

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pontiac Silverdome

Ok know it doesn't take a 200 IQ to tell ya that something is wrong with the sale of the silverdome, just $585,000.00 sale to a out of country business vs an offer of $1,500,000.00 from a local business. Well I say this if the deal is allowed to go through my family will not walk inside the dome for any reason and I hope that many other family's do the same.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Letting go.

It's the day most parents either look forward to or regret! Letting you child spend the night somewhere outside the box. My wife ands I were visiting my daughters great grandmother when out those words came "can I stay the night", and this is something we don't find very easy due to she has only stayed with nanna and papa nobody else. After my wife and I looked at one another we new we were doomed with the fact she is getting older. When my wife and I got home all we talked about was would she make it through the night, and weather she would miss us. As most parents we did the phone call then relaxed enough to even watch a movie together while the younger one was sleeping. I have to say it was nice to be able to spend that much alone tone with my wife it had been awhile. After waking up early the first thing was the phone call to see how she was and how she did only to find out she had a great time. and then of course there comes the time to pick her up, that's coming soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Taking in a new pet!

Let me tell you when you decide to adopt a puppy it's no joke for the first 2 weeks. The responsibility of potty training and other simple commands take you to a who;e new level. Chase our 6 month old retriever/lad has proven a slight challenge. about 1 day after getting him home chase started to have a bad cough, "yes kennel cough" but now that he has stopped coughing goes pee about every 30 min due to the shot and meds he got, and when you don't take him out he pees everywhere and I mean everywhere. But there is a light at the end know that he is off the meds he seems to be able to hold longer making his life much easier for us all. Know if I could only get him to socialize better, but hey 1 step at a time.

Monday, August 24, 2009

New family addition

My family and I have reached the ranks of the all American family, we just adopted a pet retriever/lab mix. He is a 5 month old rescue dog and know he has rescued us. We named him "chase". Chase has become a fun and important part of the family, to look at him he looks like the puppy in the Charmin commercials and he even sorta acts like him, lol. Before anyone ever goes out to buy a new pet they should look on-line in pet-finder and I bet you might find your newest family addition. In the short time we have had him he has already become potty trained and how to sit, we have a long why to go but for him it's worth it and after such a hard beginning of life he deserves it. We looked at over 200 dogs and then his face hit us, but after talking to the shelter we had to hold our breath, another family had first choice to take him. Talk about being on edge, then it happened the people walked up handed the leash back to the handler and said they didn't want him that barked to much. The funny thing is that we had spent almost 45 minutes with him and he didn't bark one time, I guess he had his eye on us.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hope & Fun

During the last 6 months I have been laid up at home with back pain, and I have hoped that the doctor would tell me that it could be fixed with surgery and when he said that there was nothing he could do that it's sever arthritis and that he was sending me to another specialist to help control the pain I began to get overwhelmed by thoughts that I could be disabled permanently or even worse and I can only hope that whatever happens that I am still able to contribute to my family's needs and not be a hindrance. I have seen what deceases can do not only to the person but to the one around them. As I sit here and write this and tell the world my inner soul I as for you to pry and support not only me but everyone that is going though this or is supporting someone who is. Being in this position has given me something that most fathers don't get to do, get to know more about there kids and themselves. I have learned all the quirks and silly things they do and how to handle there everyday needs. I would say to all parents take time to do the same but not for the same reason.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Indoor Camping

Well when it rains outside the only thing left to do is go camping, that is indoor camping. My family decided that we wouldn't let the rain get us down so I went and got the tent from the storage area and set it up in the living room. Of course setting up a 9 x 6 dome tent in the living room was as fun as playing in it, by the the way our apartment isn't even 1000 square feet so imagine how that looked but hey it was for the kids. The only thing we had a problem with was the fire, how do you camp without a fire. Anyhow after keeping it up most of the day we had to pack up and go home. Everyone should to take the time to go camping indoors.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

No shoes No shirt No service?

Well I think know I have heard it all. In Missouri a family goes into Burger King with there 6 month old daughter and then told they must leave. When I found out why I was shocked beyond belief. You know that little 6 month old girl she was just being so bad when her mom carried her in she didn't have on shoes and you know that in order to inter an establishment you have to have on shoes. An employee explained to mom she couldn't stay unless the baby had on shoes due to health regulations, mom put socks on the child but the manager told them if the didn't leave or put shoes on the baby she would call the police, the family rushed out but after talking to Burger Kings headquarters the apologized and invited them back to be treated like royalty. My question is fast food is not any longer fast, fast food is no longer cheap, but know fast food employees are not even trained well enough to handle a 6 month old. Why do we allow this from these kind of people? Click link to see video.