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Monday, September 7, 2009

Letting go.

It's the day most parents either look forward to or regret! Letting you child spend the night somewhere outside the box. My wife ands I were visiting my daughters great grandmother when out those words came "can I stay the night", and this is something we don't find very easy due to she has only stayed with nanna and papa nobody else. After my wife and I looked at one another we new we were doomed with the fact she is getting older. When my wife and I got home all we talked about was would she make it through the night, and weather she would miss us. As most parents we did the phone call then relaxed enough to even watch a movie together while the younger one was sleeping. I have to say it was nice to be able to spend that much alone tone with my wife it had been awhile. After waking up early the first thing was the phone call to see how she was and how she did only to find out she had a great time. and then of course there comes the time to pick her up, that's coming soon.

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