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Thursday, August 6, 2009

No shoes No shirt No service?

Well I think know I have heard it all. In Missouri a family goes into Burger King with there 6 month old daughter and then told they must leave. When I found out why I was shocked beyond belief. You know that little 6 month old girl she was just being so bad when her mom carried her in she didn't have on shoes and you know that in order to inter an establishment you have to have on shoes. An employee explained to mom she couldn't stay unless the baby had on shoes due to health regulations, mom put socks on the child but the manager told them if the didn't leave or put shoes on the baby she would call the police, the family rushed out but after talking to Burger Kings headquarters the apologized and invited them back to be treated like royalty. My question is fast food is not any longer fast, fast food is no longer cheap, but know fast food employees are not even trained well enough to handle a 6 month old. Why do we allow this from these kind of people? Click link to see video.

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