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Monday, August 24, 2009

New family addition

My family and I have reached the ranks of the all American family, we just adopted a pet retriever/lab mix. He is a 5 month old rescue dog and know he has rescued us. We named him "chase". Chase has become a fun and important part of the family, to look at him he looks like the puppy in the Charmin commercials and he even sorta acts like him, lol. Before anyone ever goes out to buy a new pet they should look on-line in pet-finder and I bet you might find your newest family addition. In the short time we have had him he has already become potty trained and how to sit, we have a long why to go but for him it's worth it and after such a hard beginning of life he deserves it. We looked at over 200 dogs and then his face hit us, but after talking to the shelter we had to hold our breath, another family had first choice to take him. Talk about being on edge, then it happened the people walked up handed the leash back to the handler and said they didn't want him that barked to much. The funny thing is that we had spent almost 45 minutes with him and he didn't bark one time, I guess he had his eye on us.

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