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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hope & Fun

During the last 6 months I have been laid up at home with back pain, and I have hoped that the doctor would tell me that it could be fixed with surgery and when he said that there was nothing he could do that it's sever arthritis and that he was sending me to another specialist to help control the pain I began to get overwhelmed by thoughts that I could be disabled permanently or even worse and I can only hope that whatever happens that I am still able to contribute to my family's needs and not be a hindrance. I have seen what deceases can do not only to the person but to the one around them. As I sit here and write this and tell the world my inner soul I as for you to pry and support not only me but everyone that is going though this or is supporting someone who is. Being in this position has given me something that most fathers don't get to do, get to know more about there kids and themselves. I have learned all the quirks and silly things they do and how to handle there everyday needs. I would say to all parents take time to do the same but not for the same reason.

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